Agrofol Magyarország Kft. H-6722 Szeged, Mérey u. 6/B
Agrofol Magyarország Kft. H-6722 Szeged, Mérey u. 6/B
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Conditions of guarantee

Marking and identification of AGROFOL products - our inner film products are marked by a continuous production identity disc, thus they have

  • the name of the manufacturer
  • the company’s location
  • the year of production
  • the month of production
  • the marking of additives
  • the marking of the season


Each film roll has an individual ’product accompanying sheet’ with the following data:

  • name of the manufacturer
  • name of the product
  • size of the product:width, length, thickness, season
  • quantity (pieces/kg)
  • date of production: year/month/day
  • signature of the manufacturer

The ’product accompanying sheet’ is found within each rolland also on the packaging.
Our rolls have a light resistent protective packaging and an single plastic ring on.


AGROFOL products can be stored without deterioration for 6 months from the day of production. The expiry date of products: in case of unstabilized, so-called ’natural’ films: 6+6 months, one-season UV-stable: 6+12 months, two-season UV-stable: 6+24 months, in case of the ’membrane’ film: 6+2 months.

Beginning of guarantee: the day of purchasing

  • In case of 6+2 months 2 months,
  • 6+6 months 6 months
  • 6+12 months 12 months
  • 6+24 months 24 months

Maximum of guarantee: counted from the manufacturing of the film , in case of

  • 6+2 months 8 months
  • 6+6 months 12 months
  • 6+12 months 18 months
  • 6+24 months 30 months

Assertion of guarantee - for the assertion of the guarantee the following things are needed:

  • the bill, certificating the purchase
  • the ’product accompanying sheet’ found within the roll
  • the printed section of the film: production identifier with the date of manufacturing

Process of guarantee assertion: the customer indicates the reason of complaints at the location of purchase or at the manufacturer’s by giving the following data:

  • customer’s name, address and telephone number, quantity of purchased items, the complained quantity and others mentioned above.
  • In maximum 3 labour days from the report of the complaint, the customer must provide an inspection for the manufacturer or its agent at the original location.

Ceasing of guarantee - in case of improper storage, extreme weather conditions - wind storm, hail, heavy damages, etc. - and wrong use - rusted, rough surface, sharp ribbing, etc. - the guarantee on AGROFOL products ends.

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