Agrofol Magyarország Kft. H-6722 Szeged, Mérey u. 6/B
Agrofol Magyarország Kft. H-6722 Szeged, Mérey u. 6/B
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Activities of AGROFOL Magyarország Ltd.

AGROFOL Magyarország Ltd. is engaged in bringing in PE-/PP-/PS-/PA- film products - made of basic materials of plastic industry - which are suitable for several purposes, and also bringing in master breaches (colouring materials), additives (active ingredients) and elementary substances.

The wide range of products, the consistent selection of the main features of certain types, the usage of suitable additives and auxiliary materials, together with manufacturing solutions, provide several ways of application of our products.

Our products can be processed in the following forms:

  • one or more layers,
  • natural or coloured,
  • transparent or covered,
  • according to purposes, added several additives or auxiliary materials to (light resistence, antifog,
  • antislip, increased lubricity, etc.),
  • original or printed surface,

ready made - according to purposes of usage (welding, cutting, perforating, plaiting, spinning-knotting, etc.)
providing a wide range of possibilities for further usage.


  • wholesale trade of plastic industry products (polyethylen, polypropylen, polystyrol, polyamid, polyacryl )
  • wholesale trade of plastic industry elementary substances (in pellet form)
  • wholesale trade of plastic industry master beaches and additives
Master batches - Additives AGROFOL Products Rassel Products Industrial Products Assorted Products
  • coloured master batches
  • additives
  • elementary substances
  • cover film
  • silage
  • Mulch films
  • inner films
  • low tunnels
  • hydrocultural films
  • containers
  • hoses
  • bags
  • sacks
  • veil films
  • flat cloths
  • hoses
  • sacks
  • lashing twines
  • plain films
  • half hoses
  • hoses
  • fine films
  • shrinkable films
  • shrink hoses
  • shrink sacks
  • shrink hoods
  • firm bags
  • industrial bags
  • bags
  • carrying bags
  • litterbags
  • bags for lime
  • bags for nourishment

We are realizing our products for agriculture-, health-, food industry-, meet industry-, tinned food industry-, textile industry-, construction industry-, and commercial enterprises.

Quality assurance
The quality of basic and auxiliary materials used during the production process is guaranteed by strict surveillance systems, the quality of our products is guaranteed by Hungarian Standards.

Quality of our products
In the centre of our activity is bringing in quality products and fulfilling the requirements of our costumers by high-level services. Based on the measures for the consistent keeping of our strict quality requirements, we hope the brands AGROFOL and Rassel will keep on symbolizing quality.

The quality of our products corresponds to the operative Hungarian Standards, which we would like to affirm towards our costumers by guarantee from the date of purchase.

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