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Rassel knotted film products

These items are produced using basic materials and additives made by Hungarian, and internationally known Belgian, French, Austrian and German companies.

Non-fading property:
During production process, we pay special attention to the question os light resistence, namely to colourfast capacity. The colouring matters and master batches used provide very high light resistence.

Meeting provisioning and health requirements:
More and more of our Rassel products fulfill the requirements os the European Union - regarding food packaging and materials that get in touch with food - that is, the raw material and the additives used for their production do not contain heavy metals.

As a result of current improvements, we provide a wide range of items by producing

  • Rassel flat cloths/nets
  • Rassel hoses and
  • Rassel bagsl

Beside the basic variety of items, there are options for non-series production based on agreed sizes and quantities.

a.) Construction industry Rassel nets:

Weaving parameters: 50 gr/m2
Length: 100 m
Width and weight of roll: 2m and 11kg/roll
4 m and 22kg/roll
Colours: natural, white, yellow, orange, red, green, grey, black
Design: wound onto a 76 mm diameter paper spool
Packaging: 1 roll in a protective cover

b.) Horticultural Rassel nets/sheets:

Weaving parameters: 38,3 gr/m2
Length: 50 m
Width: 1,2 m / 3,6 m / 7,35 m / 8,35 m
Weight of roll: 2,3 kg / 6,9 kg / 14 kg / 16 kg
Colours: UV-stable dark green
Design: in roll
Packaging: folded, tied, without protective cover

c.) Agricultural Rassel sacks

Sizes and minimum weight: 500 * 800 mm és 31 kg / 1000 db
  400 * 600 mm és 18,5 kg / 1000 db
  330 * 470 mm és 23 kg / 2000 db
Colours: red: potato, Hungarian paprika, carrot
white: garlic
orange: onion
yellow: paprika
green: parsnip, cabbage, cucumber, peas
Design: with tying string: 500 * 800 mm és 400 * 600 mm
  without tying string: 330 * 470 mm
Packaging: 500*800, 400*600 mm: 1.000 db/bale, ill. 12.000 db/raklap
  330* 470 mm: 2.000 db/bale, ill. 18.000 db/raklap
Labelling: Based on agreement, the labelling of sacks by printed labels can be carryied out for extra charge

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